Suction Bag 2000 ml

Supporting over 60,000 operations around the world each day, the Serres Suction Bag System has been developed over years to provide safe and reliable fluid collection in all areas of the hospitals.

Suction Bag 2000ml

Suction is vitally important to many medical procedures, and should never fail under any circumstance. That’s why Serres Suction Bags have been developed in close cooperation with healthcare professionals who trust them to provide safe and reliable suction at all times – no matter how demanding the procedure.

Reliability is the first quality to look for when it comes to suction bags. The bags themselves must contribute to security and hygiene for those who rely on them.

Serres Suction Bags offer reliable quality that we have honed over 45 years in our factories in Kauhajoki and Saarijärvi, Finland. We follow diligent quality control, ensuring a failure rate of only one in a million.

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