Pharmaceuticals: Ferriprox® and Gelclair®

Ferriprox® (deferiprone)

Ferriprox® treats iron overload in patients with thalassaemia major when deferoxamine therapy is contraindicated or inadequate. It is FDA and EMA approved. The product has been commercially available since 1999 and is currently distributed to over 60 countries worldwide.


Gelclair® (Bioadherent oral protective gel for mucositis relief)

Gelclair® is a viscous, concentrated, bio adherent oral gel, indicated for the management of painful symptoms of mucositis of the oropharyngeal cavity caused by chemo-radiotherapy. Oral mucositis is an acute inflammation and ulceration of the surface of the mouth and throat. Oral mucositis is a significant problem in patients receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy. It is a painful condition that can limit adequate nutritional intake. Gelclair® exerts its pain-relieving effect by forming a protective layer over the oral mucosa and by lubricating, hydrating, and coating the damaged tissues without numbing, stinging, or drying. This protective barrier shields the exposed and sensitised nerve endings in the mucosa from over stimulation and provides rapid oral pain relief.


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